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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  January 29, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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hello everybody i'm denise koch. we're going to begin with breaking news, more than a dozen downtown buildings are still without water at a main break. kelly mcpherson is live now with more of the problems this break is causing. >> reporter: the latest is at 15 to 20 buildings in this area are now without water thanks to this main. it's a 12-inch main that started spewing water around 7:00 this evening. but it's not the typical story that we hear during these water main breaks, of it being an old pipe that just burst because of weather. that's not what happened, what
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happened was there was a contractor was here trying to repair it, something went wrong, something moved, and that's when the water started covering 12 city blocks. >> this has to do with cleaning the water line. we're working to shut this off. >> you can't even come down the street. it's just a mess. i had to get my mom to drop me off. now i'm trying to figure out, how am i going to get across the street. it's terrible, it's a mess. >> reporter: and another mess is the fat that all of this water is on the street -- mess is that all of this water is on the streets, and the rail tracks. all of that water is turning into ice because right now it's about in the 20s. it is freezing out here. and so that water is turning to ice, dtw says they are bringing salt trucks out. we haven't seen any but we do see ice on the ground. we just heard from mta and they
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said that the lexington stations will be suspended for now here in the area. they will be running bus services because the trains cannot stop on these tracks while there's potential for ice to be on them. reporting live, kelly mcpherson, wjz eyewitness news. >> what a mess, thank you kelly. as she said that water froze in no time with frigid air out there. temperatures really dropped as winter storms moved in. take a look at this radar, a batch of stuff. horse most of it to our south. you see that 21 degrees, because most of the activity will be across southern portions of the region, that's why we had some winter storm warnings in effect for extreme southern maryland. a little further north from northern virginia and over to the central eastern shore, a winter weather advisory north of that region. don't expect to see a lot of problems.
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but here is what we expect from the storm. generally from the city down to dc, one to three inches north of the city. south of us three to six. the heavy snow will fall across southern and south western virginia where they might see as much as a foot or snow. we'll get sunshine for the second part of the weekend. i have the forcast coming up. political face off, finger pointing, complaints, and even praise fell on president obama today. >> reporter: baltimore became the backdrop for an attempt at war by partisanship and a major push by president obama to help small business help workers. president obama reached out to republicans today in a big way coming to see them in baltimore
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in a house republican retreat inside the rensissance hotel. >> you know what they say, keep your friends close, but visit the republican bipartisan committee every two months. >> reporter: today the president acknowledged a hostile crowd. >> when you stood up in front of the american people and said you would broadcast the talks on c span, you did not do that. >> this is part of what's happened in our politics, where we demonize the other size so
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much, and you are making that hard to do. >> reporter: part of the president's visit included a stop at the machine company, it was there he spoke about his plan for tax incentive for small business to create more jobs. >> today i'm proposing what i believe is the best way to cut taxes while promoting hiring by small businesses. through a tax credit for companies who add workers or increase salaries this year. >> i think that's wonderful and we need it. because in our family we have one job but it's very hard, they keep taking money from it. people needs at least one job. >> reporter: republicans are in town through tomorrow. president obama's appearance here did stick out a bit. the other speakers include die- hard republicans like newt gingrich, i'm mary bubala, back to you. and while the president had a spirited exchange with house gop members inside the hotel, outside two protesters were
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being taken into custody. the two were maryland doctors who wanted to pitch their medical reform plan. the two will be released after being questioned. for tonight, baltimore county police are searching for the man who shot a teenager in the back. police say three cousins walking home near st. rivas road encountered a stranger who pulled a gun and fired several rounds. a 16-year-old boy was shot in his lower back near his spine. anyone with information is asked to call police. eight people killed when a car plows into a crowd gathered to watch an illegal street race. it happened nearly two years ago, today the driver pleaded guilty in court. wjz is live in north baltimore, weijia jiang spoke with one of the victim's family members. >> reporter: some say that he is not getting enough jail
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time. anothers say that he just had a bad accident that could have happened to anyone. the waldorf man pleaded guilty to eight counts of vehicle manslaughter for a crash that killed eight people watching an underground street race along 210. >> he was breaking other people's body parts. >> reporter: the state will sentence bullock to 30 years in prison, all by 15 suspended. without the agreement he could have faced 80 years in jail. exactly what taylor, the other man indicted in the case could get. taylor rejected a deal. >> he won't bring back any of the people that lost their lives that day. we have families that have different views on what the right number should be. >> accidents happen every day. >> reporter: parker says that number should be zero years in jail everyone though her cousin was one of the victims. >> i think in his mind, he's in prison now, in his heart. he's in prison now, he has to walk around, he has to see this, he has to hear this.
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he has to realize that these people are gone. >> reporter: prosecutors say the two men were not part of the organized race that night. but they were racing each other. authorities call the thrill seeking a growing problem. last year two people were killed, and an insider calls racing a growing sport. and we learned the other man charged in this case is pleading not guilty to vehicle manslaughter, his trial is slated to start on monday. for now we are live in baltimore, weijia jiang, wjz eyewitness news. all right, thank you very much weijia jiang. the state's attorney says even though several other people were involved in street racing, he does not plan to charge anyone else in this case. a surprise at the airport,
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they found this 7-pound bag of heroin hidden in the false bottom of a 26-year-old man. he was randomly selected for a search. the street valley, $430,000. an emotional trip back home. in just a few hours, a trained nurse and a native of haiti is heading back to her homeland to help victims of the massive earthquake. >> reporter: among the survivors of the haiti earthquake is a 76-year-old mother who is haitian, but was visiting from her home in bell air. >> she told me her legs were swollen, her eyes are red. she's weak, she's not eating well. they were sleeping outside for over a week now. >> reporter: her daughter, a
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critical care nurse who is originally from haiti is heading out there. but not to bring her mother home. she's going to work with the haitian american nurses association. alongside all of the health care workers from across the world who are trying to heal the wounded and traumatized country. conditions will be bleak. >> actually, i had to bring my own gloves, i had to bring some masks. i had to go to wal-mart, i picked up some antibiotics. >> reporter: she hasn't been back to her homeland in 13 years. this is not the trip she pictured but she's anxious to use her skills. >> it's going to be heart wrenching, it's going to be really tough. i keep thinking to myself, i have to go. but i'm really nervous how i'm going to feel when i get there. >> reporter: kelly mcpherson, wjz eyewitness news. >> dominique will be in haiti a minimum of seven days, possibly longer. another autorecall this
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time, it's honda. which model is impacted an and what you need to know. a tiny heart with a big heart savers its owner, how the little pooch did it. snow drops in the region tomorrow, how much can we expect? i'm bob turk, i'll have your complete first warning weather coming up next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it is 21 degrees and cloudy in central maryland right now. a continental airlines plane is diverted in mid-flight because the passenger was believed to be on the no fly list. it was determined that the person in question was not a suspected terrorist. the fbi said it was a case of mistaken identity. the flight which originated in norfolk was allowed to continue on. the fit hatch back by honda has a defect. the defect could cause the component to overheat. so far the problem has not caused any problems in the united states. over 5,000 vehicles worldwide are being recalled.
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she backed downs from claims that she had cancer. claims based on fear because she was being abused. now the woman who took money from friends for treatment she never received, testified that she was being abused by her husband. >> reporter: gina aroni claimed that her claims of stomach cancer have been false. >> i've been pretending to be sick for over 3.5 years. >> reporter: the question is why. the state's attorney said it was for money raised over the internet from old friends and the community. dena leony is charged with taking a total of $10,000. >> i think she's afraid not to do what she wants done. >> reporter: that he is patrick leony. he also came to court to answer a complaint of domestic abuse
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filed by his wife. >> i have head bruises, i love my husband so much, and i would do anything for him. and i just wanted him to change and i wanted him to love me. >> on several occasions, her children called me. one time they had to pull him off of her because he was trying to strangle her. he could have gone to her head and pulled the trigger, while her children died. >> reporter: but police say there is no evidence of abuse, no police reports. >> what you see here is a person locked up for a fraudulent scheme to take people for their money. >> reporter: dina leoni never came to court to make those accusations for herself. her father told the judge she
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went to the hospital. she was found guilty of a single theft in 2004 and again in 2007 which brought two months in jail. >> i would never take anything from anybody anymore. i do have a criminal record. but i didn't do anything now. >> she's released on bail, she needs a defense, she's come up with these allegations. >> reporter: which the judge dismissed against patrick leoni. >> and dena leoni is currently free awaiting trial on the theft charges. well a tiny chihuahua with a very big bark is being credited with saving her owner's life tonight. four -month-old coco has badly singed lungs, his owner is at bay view with second degree burns. about 3:00 a.m. yesterday the two were at a rest stop on i7 o when their truck caught fire. cocoa's barking alerted her owner that got them both out. for more on cocoa, go to
11:18 pm in tonight's wjz consumer watch. an important warning for parents. the consumer safety council is recalling the princess frog necklace. the nfl claims the phrase who dat is closely associated with the saints and therefor no one can sell merchandise with the wording. >> i don't see how the saints can say that a term that originated back in broadville days is owned by the nfl.
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don't see it. >> louisiana senator david bitter said if the nfl does not drop their possession, he will print who dat t-shirts himself and challenge the league to sue him. who dat, who knew. >> who knew. >> i hasn't heard of who dat until just this week. >> me too. let's take a look at the weather, lots of stuff happening this weekend. especially south of the region. you're going to see some pretty good temps there. it's cold, it's been cold all day long. it's still very dry however, one is your dewpoint humidity. northwest winds at eight, the barometer still up there. 25 in ocean city. along the metro, high winds. the fact that it's so cold and so dry is helping keep the
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precipitation way down to our south. they have continued to drive that dry air into the region. two possible things could happen tomorrow, there's so much cool dry air that we never see a flake of snow. the other thing is, however, that it relaxes just a bit and the moisture in the south has a chance to come up to our region maybe a little bit further than this line shows. basically south of baltimore, south of washington, that's where we expect to see the heavier amounts. southern maryland, lower eastern shore, we're talking four or five or six inches. around the dc area, pushing to the eastern shore. maybe one to three inches. generally an inch or two or around the pennsylvania, maryland boarder maybe just a few flakes. all because this storm still heading out to the east with the storm aligned with it. freezing rain, sleet across the carolinas. there's going to be more ice
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out there. these mountain areas, some places down there like richmond could get five to 12-inches. down here they could see more of that. it all movers off moves off the coast by later tomorrow. a bit of a warm up for next week. bay temp around 35. generally in the cloudy side, but temperatures won't drop much, 18 the morning tomorrow. periods of snow, 22. i think in the city an inch, 1- 1/2 around the city. 22, 32, up to close to 40 with some sunshine. again monday, tuesday and wednesday. denise. >> all right, thank you bob. coming up a big crowd gathered for one baltimore's great basketball traditions.
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what is retirement age for football? >> most careers go to the 30s, some people can extend it. curt warner after 12 seasons the qb calls it quits. his career a cinderella story. undrafted he played in arena football. finished with the arizona cardinals this season with another play off round. surviving a hard hit of a stand out career. >> you enjoy playing, you enjoy everything that comes with it. but you want to be able to walk away on your own terms. and specifically physically. >> just knowing curt, it's a beautiful thing to see somebody play at such a high level at his age and have fun doing it. >> there is one of four ravens
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in mia, mi who will play in the probowl all star game sunday. dwight sweeney is questionable for the game against the new orleans saints. sweeney missed a third straight day of practice today. still hobbled by a strained an ankle that he suffered in the afc game. meeting for the 44th year, ind and white on the brakes, gillard tries for two. mercy in red, they are the magic, taylor carter has the magic touch. mercy beats ind, 45-34. the final at townsend center. nba tonight, kevin durant with an unusual play. durant has his shoe in his hand when denver comes back.
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so with a shoe in his hand, durant plays defense and blocks a shot. duran shows it's not about the shoe and he helps oklahoma city beat denver. just play without the shoe and block a shot. 101-84 was the final. on a cold night outside, i recommend keeping both shoes on. >> i should say, those polar bear people together are going to jump in the ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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state hillary clinton. these photos show her stumbling and coming out of her shoe when she greets greets the president. these men are shouting love messages from a stage in the middle of the park. the citizen's group that organizized ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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